ICE mining

Ice Bots

You can stake $ICE Bots to mine “Resources”
  • Resources can be exchanged for $ICE tokens
  • You can upgrade $ICE Bots to the next level to increase their mining rates
  • You can use boosters to increase mining rates for a day
  • You need batteries to make the bots work

The Cauldron

It’s a staking/upgrading game where players try to increase their cauldron’s power as much as possible relative to others, in order to earn more from the daily rewards pool.

  • Players collect unique NFT Cauldrons and stake them.
  • Staking Tickets and Entries boosts cauldron power, contributing to the total mining power.
  • Rewards are distributed across the entire pool based on cauldron powers, with higher power earning more from the daily ICE pool.
  • Rewards accumulate daily and can be claimed anytime by the player.
  • Players can upgrade their cauldron levels with ICE to further boost their mining power.

Infinity Racers Land

Infinity Racers Land is an upgradable NFT that produces one of our main tokens – $ICE

You can stake NFTs to get a mining bonus

Max boost % depends on the rarity of the Land