Killer Clowns


Collect diverse clowns each with their own rarity score based on PFP attributes.
Clowns come with unique attributes: Health, Stamina, and Luck, each playing a crucial role in your carnival journey.

Upgradeable Attributes

  • Utilize in-game resources to upgrade your clowns.
  • Stamina determines the raid duration, affecting potential rewards. Upgrade stamina with ICE tokens.
  • Health is used for each raid and must be recharged using TICKET tokens.
  • Enhance your luck attribute with ENTRY tokens to increase chances of random NFT drops.
  • Rarity scores directly impact gameplay, contributing to improved health, extended stamina, and increased luck.

(Additionally, they reduce upgrade costs by a percentage for clown attributes)

Carnival Raids

  • Raid options vary with different token costs, offering strategic choices. Raids using ICE tokens provide maximum rewards, while other tokens can be used for lighter options.
  • Raids yield random rewards based on clown stats and raid types, with higher difficulty levels offering enhanced results.
  • Rewards include a combination of different tokens (ICE, Resources, Ticket, Entry) , and random NFT drops.

(A single raffle ticket can be redeemed for NFTs, or nfts minted out directly)