Infinity Racers

This is a racing competition game. There are 2 variants of the game:
  • 3D game in which you need to show your car control abilities
  • RNG version in which the race takes place automatically taking into account the level of cars

Killer Clowns

This is a game that is built around PFP NFTs

  • Clowns with the stats
  • Upgradeable Attributes
  • Carnival Raids
  • Leaderboards and Tournaments

Infinity Metro

Welcome to Infinity Metro in Association with Infinity Carnival Experience!
This is the game about metropolis and how to climb the social ladder.
How to join our society? Aquire an Infinity Bum. Customize, Work, Play, and Earn!

Infinity Battle Tanks

This game is under development
under development

Infinity Carnival Tycoon

This game is under development
under development